ADD-NI Summer Scheme Week 2


 ADD-NI Summer Scheme Week 2 



Making pizzas!!



Watering our plants!!



Potting our plants!!



Journal Time!!



Making musical instruments!!



Playing basketball!!



Decorating our journals!!



Making Battle of the Bands Posters 



Preparing for Battle of the Bands 2012!!



Creating their instruments!!



Making muscial instuments!!



Didgeridoo champion!!



Singing and playing the guitar! 



Having a break from my journal for a quick photo!!



Teddy Bear Day!!



The boys gardening!!



The girls picked all the colourful plants!!




Planting our strawberry plants!!



There were so many plants, extra assistance was required!!



The day we all got a Golden Ticket to put in our journals!!



Playing basketball!!



Nothing but the bottom of the net!!



Listening to everyone preforming!!



Our famous dancing trio!!



Our youtube stars!!



Ribbon twirling!!


Freshly made cupcakes!!



The biggest cupcake we have ever seen!!



Enjoying the sunshine!!



Enjoying our cupcakes and a story!!



Sharing stories with everyone!!



Getting cooled down!!



Everyones best rock pose!!



Group 2 with ADD-NI Staff (from left to right) Emily, Tanya, Jayne, Carol, Jenna and helper Connor. 


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