Resources for Parents


Understanding AD/HD provides an overview of the condiction and is written by Dr. Christopher Green and Dr. Kit Chee.  Click the link below to download.

Understanding AD/HD Dr. Chris Green and Dr. Kit Chee


Homework is something that is a big part of a child’s school life and can be a daunting task for parents helping them with it.  ADD-NI has compiled study aids to help parents assist their young person with homework.  Simply click on the link below to download.

Study Tips and Skills for parents


It can be difficult to tell your child they have AD/HD, therefore below is a short document compiled by ADD-NI giving tips and information on how to tell your child about their diagnosis. 

How do I tell my child about ADHD


Parents often hear the terms ‘Statement’ and ‘Assessment’ used in relation to their child’s education without really knowing what these terms mean or what they entail. We have compiled a document aimming to explain the statementing process to parents. 

Introduction to the Statementing Process


Statutory assessment is the name given to the process whereby Education & Library Boards investigate and identify a child’s special educational needs. Click on the document below to find out more about stautory assessments in ADD-NI’s summary of the Statutory Assessment Process.

The Statutory Assessment Process