ADD-NI Youth Committee DVD


 ADD-NI Youth Committee makes educational DVD

One of the projects our youth committee have embarked upon is the creation of an educational DVD.  They wanted to send the message to other young people who have an AD/HD diagnosis that ’It is okay to have AD/HD’; that they are not alone; the there is support out there for them and that this is a most manageable condition.

The DVD aims to raise awareness of AD/HD throughout Northern Ireland and address the reality of living with the condition, which is highly misunderstood.  The committee wanted their DVD to highlight some of the challenges they face in their  daily lives including difficulties in school, with their peers and also within their own family unit’s. While they felt it important to address the reality of AD/HD they also wanted to stress its many positives: creativity, imagination, boundless energy, being outgoing, versatile and having a great sense of humour.

Phil Stanfield an active member of  the Youth Committee, commented on what it was like to be involved in the project. "To have been involved in a project like this has been an incredible experience for me," said Phil.Stormont: ADDNI

"Filming with the guys was brilliant fun but also hard work that involved long hours outside school and work, but when I watched the finished piece I knew it was worth it.  When I visited ADD-NI at 23, I found answers to questions I had never been able to ask, explanations for behaviours that I had and a great comfort in know that with ADD-NI’s support I wasn’t alone.  I have AD/HD and I am exceptionally proud of that," he added.

Alex Easton MLA hosted the reception for the Youth Committee on behalf of his fellow party member Iris Robinson.  He was not only very impressed with the DVD but with the dedication of the youth committee to their project, he also stated that ithe DVD and the ADD-NI Youth Committee will educate Northern Ireland about AD/HD.

"To create this DVD requires intelligence, motivation, effort and a real deal of hard work. I have no doubt what you have done has not been easy. You have demonstrated talent and creativity but you have shown more than that," said Mr. Easton.

Director of ADD-NI Sarah Salters believes the launch of the DVD was a great success.

"To watch the kids and their process of putting together their DVD has been a wonderful experience.  The Youth Committee’s completed project will go a long way to challenging current negative perceptions of children and young people who have AD/HD.  I am extremely proud of each and every one of them and their finished product," said Sarah.

The Youth Committee were supported in this endeavour by the Hilton Community Foundation and NICCY.

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