ADD-NI’s Parenting Programmes


ADD-NI’s Parenting Programmes 


Thank you for all your time and input on the Parenting Programme. We will miss your regular advice and support.” – Parent


The things you have taught me have worked. I was so stressed out when I started, then I wished it would just go away (the condition), but it has been easier. Our relationship has changed and improved so much.” – Parent


I love my son – I couldn’t have said this when I started the programme.” – Parent


I feel stronger as a parent and more positive than I‘ve felt in a long time.” – Parent


This group has helped me to be a better parent.” – Parent


The best thing about this group was sharing with people who understand and seeing each parent makes progress with their child.” – Parent


This programme has changed my life.” – Parent


If I hadn’t of come on this course my family really would no longer be together.” – Parent


Our relationship has changed, I understand him more.” – Parent


It has been an emotional journey, but it was well worth it!” – Parent 


"Understand the power of praise. Catch your child doing something right and tell them. To a child, praise can be like rain in a desert." - Parent