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AD/HD Week Launches ADD-NI’s New Youth Service


To kick off AD/HD Awareness Week 2011 (18th - 25th September) ADD-NI have officially launched our new Post Intervention Service  with the support of the  Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People Patricia Lewsley.

Our new service, which has been long requested by young people who wish to continue to engage with the Centre, is now available to all who have taken part and completed an ADD-NI young people’s programme.


This service will give young people with AD/HD the opportunity to show off their various talents and creative skills which they aim to display in an exhibition of their work in Belfast City Hall early next year, at the invitation of the Mayor of Belfast.


Patricia Lewsley has once again given her support to the work of ADD-NI and met with the children and young people who have requested the service. The Commissioner also met with many parents who told her how valuable their child’s time has been at ADD-NI, one parent said “ADD-NI has not only allowed my child to understand what AD/HD is but also how to cope with the reality and manage the condition.”


One young person commented that the new facility was "awesomely amazing" and they could not wait to attend it on a regular basis, where the young people are being encouraged to put their  stamp on the building and make it their own. 




At ADD-NI we want our young people to utilise the positive aspects of their AD/HD, including creativity, inventiveness and versatility which our new service will allow all young people with AD/HD to do, one young person said “I can’t wait to get started”.  



The opening of the Post Intervention Service is the first of a number of celebratory events that will take place throughout AD/HD Week. 


Click on the link to see more photographs  of the day. 

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