ADD-NI Petition for Improved Understanding of AD/HD in the Northern Ireland 


Through our 15 years working in the area of AD/HD in Northern Ireland we have found that many problems young people with AD/HD experience in the school system are due to a lack of understanding of the condition and ill-management in dealing with it in a school setting.


“Compulsory training for educators to ensure better treatment of children and young people with ADHD in the Northern Ireland education system”. 


This petition aims to help protect the rights of children and young people with Attention Deficit Hyper-activity Disorder (AD/HD) within the Northern Ireland education system.

As an organisation we hope our petition will:

•Achieve a higher level of understanding about AD/HD especially among those in educator roles.

•Ensure AD/HD is recognised as often requiring accommodations to be made within an educational    setting.

•Ensure the effects of AD/HD on a young person are managed in a way that enables each individual to reach their full potential.

For our petition to be fully successful we need as much support as possible. It is therefore crucial that we have your support in our petitioning efforts.


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