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 One of ADDNI’s Talented Young People 

My name is Paul McClenaghan, I am 11 years old & I have ADHD. I am good at racing, dancing, helping others and writing poems. My mum says I am very handsome, a champion talker and the most caring and kind kid she knows. I have AD/HD and that’s ok because it means I have a better imagination than others.                      
Young person Paul McClenaghan from Glengormley has had his poem selected from thousands across Europe including the likes of France, Spain and Germany to be published in a book of Peace Poems.

The poems in the book have been written by children from different countries and cultures with one common desire: a wish for peace.

‘Peace Poems drums for peace 2011- Neuruppin’ was compiled from five schools within the Comenius Project.

As Paul is currently attending one of ADD-NI’s young people’s programmes, the news of this success was so great the staff at ADD-NI wanted to publish his poem in the Newsletter and website.

This goes to prove that young people with AD/HD have immense strengths and are wonderfully creative. Paul has made many people very proud including everyone at ADD-NI.

Well done Paul , Congratulations, I am sure this is the first of many.





Peace is the rustle of leaves across the Autumn ground,

It is listening happily to the birds singing in the trees.

 Peace is going inside and smelling mum’s cooking,

It is family photographs hanging on the wall.

 Peace is the smooth leather of my baby brother’s toy,

Or the softness of his hair in my hand.

 Peace is watching the birds flying out from the branches.

The clock’s ticking as I’m thinking about peace.


By Paul McClenaghan © 



                                                                                  Paul and his very proud mum Casheen. 






ADD-NI Staff Pyjama Day to raise funds for the young people’s after schools facility!

The staff at ADD-NI will be staying in their PJ’s on Wednesday 7th September to help raise funds for the young people’s after-school facility which is currently being developed. It is hoped that all teddies and comfort blankets will be kept at home as the same standard of work needs to be kept up with in the office at the Belfast based children’s charity.

If you would like to join in with the fun on our annual comfy day, you can download a Sponsorship Form to support the staff or even have your own PJ day to join in the fun. 


All young people are exceptionally welcome to come down to the Centre and have their picture taken with our ever willing staff team between 2.30pm and 4pm on Wednesday 7th September. If you come down and support us we will, with parental permission of course, put your picture in our photo gallery and on our Facebook page. 


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