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AD/HD Week 2012 Launches ADD-NI’s New Merchandise Range 




It’s September again and that means ADD-NI will be celebrating European AD/HD Awareness Week 2012, this year it will run from Monday 24th until Sunday 30th September.


As usual we will have a week of events helping to promote awareness of AD/HD and the benefits that coincide with it but also important events in ADD-NI’s diary.

As today is the first day of AD/HD Week 2012, we thought it would be a perfect time to bring to everyone’s attention ADD-NI’s Merchandise!

We are not only now selling Customisable ADD-NI / AD/HD T-Shirts and your very own ADD-NI Children’s Charity Wristbands but we also have our own store available of Amazon.

Our Amazon Store is full of aids, tools and a few fun things too that can help those affected by AD/HD’s daily lives. We have a wide range of books on AD/HD, fidget toys, model magic, wobble chairs, stationary for school, college and university, educational resources, famous people with AD/HD calendars and phone covers!!

Please visit the merchandise section of our website to help support ADD-NI as all proceeds will go towards ADD-NI’s Service Provision and support those affected by AD/HD.