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ADD-NI Young People visit Flickerpix as Part of AD/HD Week 2012 

We all know that young people with AD/HD have incredibly creative imaginations! So a visit to Flickerpix in Holywood, Co. Down was perfect fit to help show what amazing things can be done with an imagination like most young people with AD/HD have.

The young people, who had been invited to the company’s HQ to celebrate AD/HD Awareness Week 2012, were given a VIP tour of the studios - which is part of the Waddell Media Group, a leading Irish independent production company. The young people got to meet the stars of ‘Macropolis’ the newly released short film featuring ‘Cat’ and ‘Dog’, but first of all got to witness their adventure out of the factory where they were created and see them make their way into the heart of Belfast.

Not only did the young people get to see the film but they got to see how the characters work from how Cat and Dog change their facial expressions, to how to make them move. Everyone was shown some of the different animation techniques in the studio and while they were being demonstrated one of the young people got to use the camera to capture Cat walking.

As well, everyone got to see and hear about various charaters from different Flickerpix productions, including ’On The Air’ and ’Jedward’s Big Adventure’. 

Assistant Director Johnny Schumann encouraged the young people to try out some animation software for themselves.  Johnny talked of when he worked with students who had AD/HD and is impressed by their fascinating ability to hyper-focus which enables creative masterpieces. He also explained that it takes a full day to capture just 8 seconds of animation on film, which amounts to 5 months of work for the company’s latest film.

Everyone was let into a little Flickerpix secret about what’s coming next for the company and even saw a trailer for it, but we can’t be telling you about that now can we …?

As visiting Flickerpix was part of ADD-NI’s celebration of AD/HD Awareness Week, we hoped that the visit would help the young people invovled realise some of the many benefits of their condition rather than focus on it’s obsticles. The young people who attended really did have an inspirational experience and will be putting all the advice they were given to good use.

We would like to thank the staff and management at Flickerpix for their time and sharing their expertise in such a generous fashion, they really did go above and beyond for ADD-NI’s young people.