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Support ADD-NI While You Shop



ADD – NI have recently set up an account with the fundraising website, which we are all very excited about! We would love if you could support us in this by following a few easy steps and registering with the website, which allows you to raise money for ADD-NI’s building fund while you shop with some of your favorite stores!

Easy fund raising has a list of over 2700 retailers that have agreed to donate a small percentage of what you spend on their website to your chosen cause, with absolutely no extra expense to yourself. The registration process is very quick and easy, just make sure you have a valid e – mail address and follow these simple instructions:

1)   Follow the link to and click the green box ‘Support a good cause’

2)   In the text box provided under ‘Name of good cause’ type ADD – NI Children’s Charity and hit ‘Find,’ then select ‘Support this cause’ beside our link

3)   You will then be asked for some personal details. This is simply your name, e - mail address and a password for your new account. The website has a secure privacy policy so your information is safe. Don’t forget to click to acknowledge you have read and understand the terms and conditions and also if you wish to receive e – mails or not

4)   Lastly, you will be prompted to install a toolbar that will alert you when you go on to a website whether they donate. You do not have to install this but we would recommend it as you can easily hide the toolbar and if you do not install the toolbar you then have to go through the Easy Fundraising website to access retailers that donate

That’s it! After you have registered all that’s left is to get shopping. Don’t forget though, if you haven’t installed the toolbar, you have to go through the retailers section on the website to donate. If you do wish to set up an account but you are unsure of the process in anyway, or just have some general questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the centre, where one of our staff team will be happy to help.