Therapeutic Group Work


ADD-NI’s Children and Young People’s Programme

Children and young people take part in a 6 week programme specially designed by ADDNI’s group therapists. ADD-NI’s young people’s programme aims to support and empower young people. The programme enables children and young people to take charge of their AD/HD and toTherapeutic Group Work: ADDNI manage it allowing them to combat its negative aspects, accentuate its positives and ensure each young person can achieve their full potential in every aspect of their lives.

Benefits of ADD NI’s Children & Young People’s Programme

Recent research based on parental feedback, indicates that children and young people enjoyed attending the group, meeting other young people with the condition and learning about issues relevant to AD/HD.  Many parents identified a number of changes and improvements in their child’s behaviour including improved communication skills, more understanding and self awareness, increased self-esteem and improved social relationships.   The young people who took part in the ADD-NI Children & Young People’s Programme expressed the benefits of attending the programme.  These included talking to others, reducing worries, having fun, not being judged or teased and feeling understood.

Quotes from young people:
“You can’t get rid of it, but you can learn to live with it” (10 yr old)

“I enjoyed meeting people the same as me” (15 yr old)

“I haven’t talked to others like this before” (14 yr old)

“There are lots of good things about AD/HD” (12 yr old)