Adult Services


ADD-NI Adult Services 

ADD-NI offers two services for adults with AD/HD; Adult Counselling and Adult Therapeutic Group Work.

Due to the increasingly long waiting lists for both of ADD-NI’s adult service’s, it is important to ADD-NI that our adults require a forum to discuss issues and support each other in a relaxed environment. Therefore we are now offer support meeting’s for adults with AD/HD.

Adult Support Meetings

ADD-NI has an ever-growing list of referrals for our adult services. Therefore as an interim measure while our adults are awaiting their place on their requested service they can have the chance to receive support by attending the support meeting at the Centre and meet with other adults with AD/HD. For further information please contact the Centre at AT hello

Adult counselling

Adults can be offered eight sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy.  8 sessions will be offered to allow each individual: develop the skills and the positive mind set necessary to achieve their full potential. This will enable our adults to better cope with the effects of AD/HD. Specific issues which may be having a negative impact on social relationships, family life can be addressed. Dealing with such issues will promote more understanding of behaviour at home and thus reducing family stress levels and encourage them to make positive lifestyle choices (e.g. around sexual responsibility and offending make positive lifestyle choices).

Adult group intervention programme

Programme objectives:

The programme was founded on the premise that adults affected by AD/HD would benefit from an increased understanding of the condition and be given the opportunity to explore their concerns with others who share similar difficulties.

The primary aims of the programme are:

  • To provide strategies for coping with feelings of anxiety and frustration/anger.
  • Psycho-education regarding the impact of ADHD; increase awareness and understanding of ADHD.
  • To improve communication and expression of emotion.
  • To explore and strengthen the underlying emotional factors which are important in promoting and maintaining positive mental health through a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach.
  • To provide practical support and advice regarding problem solving strategies which will assist participants in managing the behaviours associated with ADHD.

These issues will be explored through psycho-education, cognitive behaviour therapy, group discussion and introducing practical strategies. The efficacy of the group will be quantitatively and qualitatively through measurement of mood, behaviour and social interaction reported by participants and observers pre and post group intervention.


To apply for any of these services please click here or contact the Centre for further information.