Our Formation


Mission statement:

’To empower and support children, parents and young adults affected by AD/HD.’ 

ADD-NI Children’s Charity (formally NI-ADD) was established in 1997 and the objectives of our charity are as follows:

  • To actively support children, young people, adults and their carers affected by AD/HD and its associated conditions/hidden disabilities

  • To work together in partnership to educate and increase awareness of the condition.

  • Promote positive and timely interventions for those with this disabling disorder.

  • To create a better understanding of the developmental difficulties children and young people encounter due to AD/HD.

  • To enable others to access appropriate services from statutory agencies and bodies.

  • To provide information for individuals, families and professionals.

  • To promote greater social inclusion for children and young people who are significantly disadvantaged and stigmatized by the condition.

  • To identify and promote ways of providing specific services for areas of unfulfilled need (not already provided by the statutory sector).

  • To work on a cross community and non-discriminatory basis within all sectors of society whilst engaging in all our tasks.
  • To improve upon the inconsistent and fragmented process of assessment which currently exists for children and also adults.