Our Vision


At ADD-NI we firmly believe ’all children with AD/HD deserve the best start in life’ and that this can be best achieved by ’supporting and empowering children, parents and young adults’ with early interventions in order to nurture their ability to achieve their full potential and to cope better with difficulties associated with living with the effects of AD/HD. Moving from dependence to empowerment.

ADD-NI offers somewhere young people with AD/HD and their families can deal with the difficulties of injustice, prejudice and inequalities they have experienced; in a safe, nurturing and therapeutic environment.

We believe that with the appropriate and specialist supports which we provide our children and young people can fulfil Greer’s Humanistic Scale of the human capacity of growth in:

* dealing with the difficult experiences of the past

* learning from these experiences

* integrating and grow from such experiences

* to achieve their potential

* cope better with and manage the difficulties associated with AD/HD